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      Motor Grader GR215
      Source :admin Time :2014-01-11 Author :

      Product features

      Product parameters



      Basic specification
      Engine model 6CTAA8.3 6CTA8.3
      Rated power/speed   153kW/2200rpm  160kW/2200rpm
      Dimension(LxWxH) 8970×2625×3470mm
      Operating weight(Standard) 16500kg

      Performance specification

      Travelling speed ,forward 5、8、11、19、23、38 km/h
      Travelling speed ,reverse 5、11、23 km/h
      Tractive force(f=0.75) 82KN
      Max. gradeability 20%
      Tire inflation pressure 260 kPa
      Working hydraulic pressure 16 MPa
      Transmission pressure 1.3~1.8MPa

      Operating specification

      Max. steering angle of front wheels ±50°
      Max. lean angle of front wheels ±17°
      Max. oscillation angle of front axle ±15°
      Max. oscillation angle of balance box 15
      Frame articulation angle ±27°
      Min. turning radius using articulation 7.3m
      Maximum lift above ground 450mm
      Maximum depth of cutting 500mm
      Maximum blade position angle 90°
      Blade cutting angle 28°—70°
      Circle reversing rotation 360°
      Moldboard width X height 4270×610mm

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