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      Rotary Drilling Rig XR230C
      Source :admin Time :2014-01-11 Author :

      Product features

      Product parameters



      • XR230C is equipped with CAT336D chassis, which has strong stability. The chassis with high-intensity structure adopts heavy duty hydraulic retractable track, which is convenient to transport, and has excellent travel performance. Adopt C9 HHP 261KW@1800RPM,EPA Tier III emission standard, meeting the emission requirements of Europe and North America.
      • The oil cooler and radiator are positioned behind the intercooler side by side, which has good heat dissipation. The fan is drove by the hydraulic motor, the fan speed is controlled by the piston pump, and the wind noise meets the noise control requirements, which is quieter and more environmental friendly. 
      • The main hydraulic system adopts negative flow control. On that basis, add the total power control and limiting power control, which improves the system efficiency and makes full use of the engine power. The auxiliary system adopts the load sensing control system, realizing the optimal match of the pump output power and the load of each working condition and the supply on demand, which improves the transmission efficiency to the most.
      • The drill unit is controlled by a pressurized or drawing hydraulic cylinder system, installed with drilling hydraulic motor, and top spring shock absorber, and equipped with the drive sleeve fit for the friction and internal lock drill rod and the drill rod guide frame with bearings.
      • Apply with advanced intelligent control technology, CANBUS technology and virtual instrument technology and adopt high-reliable controller and CLCD display. The display is a Chinese human-computer interface, which is easy to operate and observe. It can directly display the mast verticality and the drilling depth, and automatically detect the display record in real time. During the operation, it can automatically record the troubles, debug and diagnose the input/output signal online, and display various alarm information such as mast limit, variable limit, main and auxiliary winch limit, filter alarm, maintenance prompt, etc.

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