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      XCMG’s new-generation China-Germany work HB67K scores basic achievements in the truck-mounted concrete pump market
      admin Time:2015-09-30 Author:

       XCMG Schwing HB67K, the five-axle truck-mounted concrete pump with X-shaped outriggers and all-steel booms and also a record holder for the industry’s largest pumping height, has received high attention from insiders since it came onto the market. By integrating both Chinese and German products’ advantages, this product, after being launched onto the market, won over customers quickly for its four strengths like flexibility, stability, high efficiency, and energy conservation. 


      HB67K is a new-type masterpiece that is rolled out by XCMG Schwing with the help of the world high-end R & D and production platform after XCMG completed its technical integration with Schwing. By inheriting the design notion “Safe, reliable, eco-friendly, and leading”, this product made seven unprecedented technical breakthroughs in the industry, for example, Schwing petticoat valve technology, full-hydraulic reversing technology, and “RZR” bionic and intelligent boom technology, etc. In terms of product performance, HB67K takes on four advantageous characteristics like flexibility, stability, high efficiency, and energy conservation, so that it is viewed as the product of high cost performance that is used in large-scale infrastructure construction equipment and high-rise building projects for shortening the construction period and improving the work quality. 


      “To my surprise, this product has a boom swing of below 20 centimeters in the most adverse construction state with full load and horizontal boom, making it far outstrip other products I ever used”, said an operator. According to the client’s general manager, HB67K has extremely high pumping efficiency, and its average suction efficiency increases by about 5% compared to domestic products of its kind. Also, it cuts down the fuel consumption by 25%. On the whole, RMB 2 will be saved in pumping of the concrete of one cubic meter. That will lead to a big expenditure reduction in one year. 


      It is believed that with increasingly rampant competition in the market, the new-generation China-Germany concrete product with high efficiency and high reliability will become the ideal choice for more customers. 



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