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      XCMG’s first wheel excavator with integrated axle & transmission rolls off the production line
      admin Time:2015-10-12 Author:

       Recently, XE150W, XCMG’s first wheel excavator with integrated axle & transmission, successfully rolled off the production line, marking that XCMG further improved its wheel excavator lineup. As another potent tool for XCMG to exploit domestic and overseas wheel excavator markets, XE150W is developed on the basis of 15t wheel excavator. It is worth pointing out that XE150W adopts the transmission mode integrating axle with transmission, in which the transmission is directly mounted on the rear axle, so as to not only protect the transmission, but add to the complete equipment’s trafficability on bumpy mountain roads. In addition, at the frontal end of the lower frame there are bucket bracket and cylinder protective cover plate. At the rear end there are bulldozing shovel and outrigger (optional component), which helps effectively reduce the complete vehicle’s weight. Moreover, XE150W brings in swing ring with larger diameter, so that the complete equipment is of better stability. To adapt to the market competition in the New Normal of Chinese economy, XCMG Excavating expedites its new product development and experimentation, and keeps on consummating the product lineup. By launching into the market both knockout products and auxiliary products, XCMG Excavating exploits the market strongly and boosts improvement of its product performance unrelentingly, in an effort to meet the global demands for “Multi-variety, small-lot, and customized” products. 



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