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      The People’s Daily: “XCMG” ranked among the World Top 5 Construction Machinery Manufacturers
      admin Time:2015-10-22 Author:

      Recently, Schwing Group, a Germany-based famous concrete machinery vendor, released a piece of good news, saying that from January to April, Schwing Group has realized profits of EUR 280,000, implying that within three years since it purchased Schwing, XCMG turned the loss-making business (economic loss: EUR 50 million that year) into a profitable one. 


      Under the guidance of the national strategy “Go Global”, XCMG has implemented the internationalized development strategy, actively carried out overseas investment and M & A, set up R & D centers in Europe and America, and established manufacturing bases respectively in Germany, Brazil, USA, and India, etc. By now, it has basically completed construction of a globalized operation system, and also the group was ranked amongst the “World Top 5 Construction Machinery Manufacturers”. 


      XCMG has been longing to show up China’s strength in the equipment manufacturing realm. However, general overview of the global market shows that the construction machinery industry has long been monopolized by enterprises from Europe, America, Japan, and ROK, so that XCMG got through many ups and downs when going global. “In the past, when we visited some European and American archrivals’ production bases for study, they did not mind our visiting and photographing at all, for they believed that we could not grasp the essences. However, in recent years, an array of players in the industry even kept alert to our normal visiting, meaning that they have looked up XCMG as their real archrival,” said Liu Jiansen, general manager of XCMG Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 


      Today, XCMG products are seen in those places where there is construction machinery, be it the construction site of the World Cup stadium in Qatar, or the construction site of the main venue of the Olympics in Brazil, or the construction site of the Florida Interstate Highway in USA, etc. That is the pride of XCMG, and also the pride of Chinese brands. 


      “XCMG will strive to become a world top-level construction machinery provider”, said Wang Min, chairman of XCMG. 

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