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      XCMG Special Excavation Loader for Oilfield Salvage Exported to South America
      admin Time:2015-11-10 Author:

       Recently, 29 XCMG high-end excavation loaders have been exported to South America.


      These exported excavation loaders are special operating devices used for oilfield fire prevention and other high-risk situations. It requires not only strong power and excavation and loading capacity, fast and agile maneuverability, but high reliability to meet harsh conditions. This is the main reason of XCMG, the leader of the special construction machinery in China, to defeat the powerful opponents at home and abroad and won the export contract.

      In recent years, the exportation of XXMG special loading machinery has been set records successively in the industry. Behind it, there is a strong support with a unique competitive advantage.


      XCMG-the founder and leader of the special and multi-functional machinery in China

      XCMG is the first pioneer to devote in special and multi-functional machinery in the industry, and the development of various main special and multi-functional machineries in China have been led by XCMG.  The first developed XM-14 skid loader, WZ30-25 excavation loader, GL883 telescopic forkfit loader and so on are the pioneering contribution to China of XCMG, which laid the leading position for XCMG in the special loading machinery industry in China. For recent decades, sales of various kinds of products have been getting a good lead, and keeping the front-runner status for the special construction machinery in China.


      Integrating international resources to cast first-class technology

      In the enterprises of the same kind in China, XCMG loading machinery is the first to promote internationalization strategy of technical resources. On the one hand, it fully relies on the strong support of the general foundation technique of XCMG European Technique Center; on the other hand, targeting the special requirements for loading machinery, XCMG has established professional technical development institutions in Europe and North America respectively. With the first-class R&D teams, research and development capacity of XCMG loading machinery has made a good lead comparing to the other brands in China, and taken an international front position, which inputs more advanced ideas and applies more advanced technology.


      Exceeding military requirements and forging military quality

      Anther competitive advantage of XCMG loading machinery lies in its superior performance and quality. At the international level, excavation loader is the common dual-use equipment for military and civilian; what is different is that the military has stricter requirements for the performance and reliability, and choosing the best from a larger number of enterprises is the common optimization model of the military. In a recent competitive procurement of the military, based on different operating environments, and after strict test in performance and quality, XCMG won the bulk order of the military in the contest with the other brands, which is due to the various performance index of XCMG product exceeding the purchaser's requirements.

      Relying on the strong advantages of military product quality, XCMG have won many orders in the bidding of the major projects at home and abroad, which established monuments for the special construction machinery of China.

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